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"O God of all names, in these times of warring nations, aggression, and greed, show us the path of compassion and peace."

We all have only so much time on this earth. Why waste it being confused, unsure, over worked, stressed out and unfulfilled? If you live in or around Warrenton, Fauquier County, or Northern Virginia, you will want to know about Beth Chadsey, a counselor who can help you change your life.


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Meet Beth Chadsey

Beth Chadsey at Inner Truth Ministries is a trained counselor ready to help you reduce stress.  Her technique is to help you put your troubles aside by assisting you to a deeper understanding of your inner self or INNER TRUTH. Beth, a Reiki Healing Master and Teacher, helps you through a process of deep relaxation, energy healing (Reiki, Healing Touch, and Bioenergy,) combined with spiritual guidance and SoulArt®.

Through her competent counseling, you find your Inner Truth, which allows you to:

-Experience deeper relaxation and release from stress

-Help your body find balance and healing

-Learn how to recognize God's work in your life

-Release your creative potential

Some of Beth's Fauquier and Warrenton clients tell you what to expect from Beth's competent counseling, SoulArt® and the Reiki Healing Process:

After seeing Beth, I feel like I had a 3 hour nap; I have more energy, I'm balanced, content and calm. The Reiki and Healing Touch sessions have improved my whole way of thinking and  increased my pain management. - Gail, a local business owner
I have used SoulArt® three times and discovered new insights and ways of thinking and had a blast!  Each session differed and provided fresh perspective on the question or situation I brought to the process.  In one session, I was happily dappling away, when I looked at my "art" and found it ugly.  I was aware of deep shame that my picture was not pretty.  I continued  in spite of the ugly picture.  Yet this picture held vast insight and great learning for me.  I treasure my "ugly"picture and its message.- Annie
I was amazed at how great I felt after the very first session.  One hour of incredible relaxation and I felt as if I had had a full night's sleep.  Not only that, I was calm and at peace with myself and had a sense of true balance, mentally, physically and spiritually.
A Haiku on Spiritual Direction
Beth approachable
Soulful questing, digging deep
By Jean

 Summary of Beth's credentials:

- Ordained Deacon in Full Connection in the United Methodist Church

- BS in math and physics, Lynchburg College

- MA In Religious Education, Scarritt College

- Graduate of The Spiritual Direction Program of the Shalem Institute for Spiritual   Guidance, Bethesda, MD.

- Graduate of Group Leader Development Program of the MidAtlantic Association for Training and Consulting ( MAATC). Includes extensive group work in many areas.

- Reiki Healing Master and Reiki Healing Teacher

- Healing Touch Practitioner in Fauquier County and Virginia State

- As an artist Beth has developed SoulArt®, a "painting from the subconscious process" that helps to release your creative potential.

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Be sure to consider a 3 session package to fully explore your
Inner Truth and save money.

To make an appointment or for more information:
Contact Beth at 540-270-2316

Email: beth@counseling-innertruth.com
Inner Truth Ministries Office
9 North Third Street, Suite 120B
Warrenton, VA 20186

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" Are you ready to live a life of balance, energy, and purpose?  Find your true self—your 'inner truth'—the fire that burns deep and connects you to God/Spirit and all others on this planet."

The Body is made to heal itself, you just have to help it sometimes. Restoration occurs when that balance is created.

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